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Plan your Thailand trip with Airhub eSIM

If you're planning a trip to Thailand this year, be sure you have access to the internet. Connecting to the internet while travelling has never been easier with the best eSIM data plans for Thailand. You'll find out how in this essay.

The Best eSIM Plans for Europe trip

When travelling to a different nation, it is customary to prepare an itinerary in advance and to be aware of the activities that you will participate in while you are there.

5 Reasons in favor of using prepaid eSIMs rather than roaming plans

Have you ever considered the possibility of using roaming plan options? There is a good chance that you have been exposed to some very damaging information regarding them.

How to Setup Hotspot on eSIM

When you use your mobile phone as a modem, this is referred to as data tethering. In practise, you may turn on your mobile hotspot from the settings app on your phone, under the cellular section, which will create a mobile network.

What Happens When SIM Cards Go Bad?

An embedded sim card, or eSIM for short, is a new type of SIM card that is built into the phone itself. Unlike traditional plastic SIM cards, eSIMs are inside your device, not outside where you can change chips.

Edinburgh International Children's Festival

The Edinburgh International Children's Festival is a nine-day event that features cutting-edge family-friendly theatre and dance for children.

Customers of Airhub Use eSIMs in 5 Different Ways

While each person's eSIM journey will be unique, we've discovered that these five methods of using eSIM are pretty common among our consumers.

How to set up a data eSIM on an Android device

How dual sim (physical + eSIM) Android devices operate is explained

How to use an iPhone's data eSIM

Learn how to use your eSIM on your iPhone as a supplementary data sim (dual sim).

The Temecula Valley Balloon and Wine Festival 2022

The Temecula Valley Balloon and Wine Festival is a three-day festival that takes place every year in late May or the first weekend in June.

In 2022, these will be the top prepaid eSIMs in the United States.

Airhub has compiled a list of five prepaid eSIM options that are ideal for tourists visiting the United States.

List of 2022 eSIM compatible devices

Find an eSIM compatible device or check if yours is

Sustainable Travel: 5 Tips for the Responsible Traveler

Traveling sustainably isn't a fad. It's just one of many ways the pandemic has altered our lives.

The Global eSIM plans that keep you connected while you travel the world are the best for you.

Global eSIM plan: What do we mean when we say that we have a plan for the whole world?

Best eSIM Plan for USA

Choose among the best esim data plans for USA

Which is the best eSIM for Singapore

Visit Singapore with Airhubapp

Best Esim Data Plans for Russia

When traveling in Russia, choose an Esim for high connectivity

Cheapest Esim Data Plans for UK

Are you planning a trip to the UK this year? With the UK's incredible culture

Prepaid SIM cards and eSIMs are available at Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris, France.

Let's take care of your mobile data issues before you arrive in France..

Pre-Departure Travel with Airhub Language, Culture, and Learning

Pre-Departure Travel with Airhub Language, Culture, and Learning

The most cost-effective eSIM data options for your European vacation

Start by finding an eSIM (European data SIM) and start planning your trip without any concern.

The top 5 prepaid eSIMs for the United States in 2022.

Airhub recommendation of five prepaid eSIM choices that provide excellent value for money for visitors visiting the United States.

The World's 5 Liveliest Beach Party Destinations

A beach vacation usually sounds like a nice idea as summer approaches

The ICC Women's Cricket World Cup 2022

The ICC Women's Cricket World Cup 2022 will be held in New Zealand in March and April 2022

The World Games 2022

The World Games 2022 will be the eleventh edition of the international multi-sport event, which is intended for sports

Travel Restrictions Are Lifting!

Traveling with an eSIM is essential, whether on business or for pleasure.

The ESIM Creates New Synergies For Digital Transformation

The ESIM Creates New Synergies For Digital Transformation

Why Is Travel Beneficial for Your Mental Health?

There are plenty of things one can gain from exploring different places.

The digital customer experience

An eSIM is an electronic, or embedded, SIM. That is just similar to the normal SIM but Instead of a physical card, eSIM technology is built right into your phone. It’s a small chip that’s used to authenticate your identity with your carrier

Enjoy Taiwan Lantern Festival with Airhub Esim When is the Lantern Festival

The 15th of the first lunar month is this holiday. First night after Lunar New Year with a full moon symbolises the end of new year festivities

A new digital dynamic in the consumer device connectivity market

The term "eSIM" simply refers to a SIM card that is built-in. There are no physical SIM cards to deal with, and you don't have to physically change them. Not all networks yet support eSIM.

Using two SIM cards, one for each user, instead of one

It is possible to activate a cell phone plan with your carrier using an eSIM instead of a physical n

How to activate an eSIM subscription on a Samsung smartwatch.

Did you know that your Samsung Smartwatch can connect to the internet or make phone calls on its own

Dual SIM with eSIM

An eSIM is a digital SIM that lets you activate a cellular plan without a real nano-SIM. The iPhone

Is it possible to install a SIM card using a QR code? Yes, you certainly can!

You might be wondering how a SIM card can be installed into a phone. Furthermore, you might be think

What's the difference between a nano SIM and an eSIM?

Even though the nano-SIM is the world's smallest SIM card and almost universally found in smartphone

Check out this simple Airhub eSIM activation guide to get your phone online right away

Many of you have probably heard about eSIM carriers. If you travel frequently, you'll probably want

Security Vulnerabilities and Hacking: The Dangers of Using a Physical SIM Card

Thanks to hardware and software innovation, we've had some incredible new user experiences. There ar

Which is the best eSIM for Philippines?

Philippines, island country of Southeast Asia in the western Pacific Ocean.

Best Esim Data Plans for Indonesia

Indonesia is a country located between the Indian and Pacific seas in Southeast Asia and Oceania. Su

Which is the best eSIM for France?

Will you be visiting France this year? So, while you're there, you should consider how to connect to

ESIM Cards in the USA : How Much Do They Cost and Which Should You Get?

If you want to access the internet during your trip to USA but don't want to pay the high roaming ch

How to Purchase Your First eSIM Card

You've arrived in the amazing eSIM world! It's okay if you're a stranger to this planet. If yes, I'd

How to Create an eSIM Hotspot

You can do a lot of cool things with your phone! Phones have this fantastic ability to connect to th

Is it possible to turn off eSIM?

Yes, you have full control over whether your eSIM line is active or inactive. Depending on the regio

Choosing a Hostel Abroad: What to Expect

All images are copyrighted and may not be used without permission. Is it a good idea to do this? Is

How avoid roaming charges while travelling??

Roaming charges are the secret weapon of domestic carriers. No matter how cautious you are, using yo

What You Should Know About Roaming Data?

When it comes to utilising your phone on your home network, accessing mobile data is rather simple.

There are several reasons why some eSIMs require the use of eKYC.

eSIM refers for "embedded" SIM card for people who are unfamiliar with the term. An eSIM can be thou

Is Apple going to announce a completely eSIM-based iPhone? Exactly What Does This Imply for You, Personally?

Is Apple planning to release iPhones that only accept eSIM? Secretive Apple insiders have verified t

Best International short and long stay esim plans for Seafarers

Throughout history, people from all over the world have used water routes to transport commodities.

Attend Paralympics in China with Airhub eSIM

To summarise, China has 33 administrative entities directly under the central government, which incl

ESIM Data plans for MALDIVES

Located in the Indian Ocean, Maldives is an archipelagic country in the Indian subcontinent of Asia

Experience Germany with Airhub Esim

Germany, or the Federal Republic of Germany, is a country located in Central Europe. After Russia, i

Exquisite Excursion to Japan with Best Virtual Esim

Japan is an East Asian island nation. It is located in the northwest Pacific Ocean, with the Sea of

Traveling in a Sustainable Way

What was one "positive" thing that came out of the year 2020? A renewed focus on long-term sustainab

Is it possible to turn off an eSIM?

You can turn your eSIM line or global eSIM data plan on and off whenever you choose. Your data eSIM

Is eSIM Permanent?

No, your eSIM isn't stored on your device indefinitely. After installing an eSIM on your smartphone,

Worried about eSIM draining your battery?

All devices employ in-app services and capabilities that receive and transfer data to some extent. Y

Why are physical SIM cards risky when travelling?

One of the coolest things about new technologies is how they're changing our user experiences. From

Dos and Don'ts of Using Your Phone While Traveling

Your phone can be an equally powerful tool to stay oriented and connected with loved ones back home,

Must Have Travel Apps for Your Next Vacation Abroad

Our phones play such a huge part in our lives that, for many of us - especially those who spend most

This is your go-to guide to using an Airhub eSIM

I know that as a traveler or someone who wants to avoid outrageous data charges, you're probably won

eSIM - A New Trend and Why You Should Hop On It

If you’re an early adopter, then this article is for you. It seems like you’ve been ahea


A trip to New Zealand is a once in a lifetime experience for many travellers. If you're considering

Best Esim PLANS for Hong kong

Hong Kong is known for what? Causeway Bay, The Peak, and Hong Kong Disneyland are just a few of the

eSIM internet connectivity

There are a few things you may do if you're having trouble connecting to the internet or getting a s

One thing that can make even the most ardent traveller groan is roaming costs.

Per text every minute, per megabyte of data per day...?" You know those bothersome extra fees? When

Confused about which E-SIM Data Plan to Choose while on-the-go?

Trying to figure out how much data you'll need while travelling or on the road is a difficult subjec

Travel Hacks for your Next Trip Abroad!

It is so easy to get caught up in the excitement of travel, but what we all really want when arrivin

What Are the Advantages of Using an eSIM?

Think about the nightmare scenario: you’re abroad and your SIM card is nowhere in sight. It co

Key Benefits of an E-sim

An eSIM service provides global mobile connectivity. It has many advantages over traditional physica

December, the year's climax month, has been a month of celebration all throughout the world since time immemorial

December, the year's climax month, has been a month of celebration all throughout the world since ti

The eSIM Era's Digital Nomad Traditionally, a nomad has been someone who’s wandered, switching

The Real Price of SIM Cards on the Environment

One of our main priorities with the development and widespread use of eSIMs and esim prepaid plans a

How to use an eSIM to streamline your International Phone Service

Wouldn't it be great if there was a way to receive data on your smartphone without having to pay you

What to Know About Roaming, International SIM Cards, and Local SIM Cards

Roaming, international SIM cards (with global eSIM data plan), or local SIM cards: which is better?

eSIM – Who is loving it?

  This cutting edge SIM card can presently don't be eliminated, yet is patched straight into th

eSIM – A gift or a curse?

A decade ago, the GSMA started work building up a norm for RSP specs. for machine to machine (M2M),