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Worried about eSIM draining your battery?

To some extent, all devices use in-app services and capabilities that receive and transfer data.
When you utilise your cellular network, switch to another network on your dual-SIM smartphone, or download an eSIM, your device uploads and downloads data.
As a result, eSIMs degrade your phone's battery life. eSIMs, on the other hand, do not diminish your battery.

eSIM recap

The term "eSIM" refers to an "Embedded" SIM card, which means the SIM is integrated into your device rather than being externally installed via a physical chip. As a result, data plans can be downloaded and installed straight on your device using the Airhubapp.

eSIMs are identical to regular SIM cards as they allow you to:

  • Use a mobile network for using local data.
  • Use cellular coverage to stay connected to other phones and devices.
  • Use the data and information in the best possible way by allowing the data to be visible, scanned and downloaded.
  • Keep your number while switching your phone line.
  • Be tension-free without being charged for roaming again.
  • Download and pay for a plan that suits your data requirements.
  • Use a QR code to activate your eSIM plan.
  • Switch your data plan to a local, continental, or international plan via the Airhub app.
  • Choose from shorter to longer subscription plans to get the most out of your money (based on need).

An integrated SIM is built into the hardware of your smartphone and will only consume battery power in proportion to how you use it.

The upload and download functions on your device will drain your battery faster, but this is also true when using a real SIM.

Your battery life will mirror your usage if you use your phone sparingly to moderately. The operation of your device is not hampered by the use of an eSIM card.

Using your eSIM in the Appropriate Country

It's vital to keep in mind that any eSIM packages you download and activate will only work in the territories for which they were created. An American eSIM can only be used on American networks, a European eSIM can only be used on European networks that are supported regionally, and a global eSIM can be used on most worldwide networks.

You just need to activate your eSIM line once you've entered the appropriate region. This will prevent your secondary line from being used excessively and putting strain on your device.

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