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What Are the Advantages of Using an eSIM?

Consider the worst-case scenario: you're travelling abroad and your SIM card is missing. It could be missing, damaged, or simply not present for whatever reason, leaving us with two options that, while intriguing at first, rapidly become unappealing as we realise their limitations. Either pay exorbitant roaming charges by using up all of our minutes before leaving (spending money on something unnecessary), or be trapped without internet access while out and about – which may be frustrating when trying to do some last-minute shopping in local stores that are open late!

Luckily though there's an easier way - Did you know that you may access mobile data without ever inserting a SIM card into your phone when travelling abroad?

A new and interesting technology is the embedded-SIM card. It's called an e-sim for short, which can be installed in any phone to make it work with various networks around the world without having different SIM cards or microSD cards depending on where you go!

The advantage of an embedded-SIM card is that it can be rewritable, so you never have to worry about running out of space. The best part? You no longer need a physical SIM card! Enter eSIM for increased functionality on your phone or tablet - they're still relatively new but are gaining popularity with travelers who want more freedom in traveling without worrying about losing their data connection when abroad.

Here are five perks of using an eSIM card that you may take advantage of the next time you travel overseas.

  1. Stay Connected No Matter Where you Are

Today, the world is covered in mobile phone coverage. 80% of all people have access to 4G and can therefore use their phones anywhere there are other humans around them! However, this isn't true at international borders where many find themselves without any way for contacting loved ones back home or accessing emergency services if needed.


Cell service ends not only inside countries with one network provider but also between adjacent networks within different jurisdictions - meaning you often lack connectivity even when picking up local SIM cards upon arrival into new regions which may seem like an ideal opportunity ahead on your trip abroad (especially given recent data breaches).


In contrast, The benefit of eSIM prepaid plans is the ability to get data almost anywhere in the world, even with plans covering multiple countries. When you purchase a plan ahead of time for your trip and already know where it will land when coming off that long haul flight from abroad - don't worry about waiting around at customs because there's always mobile service!


  1. Never Lose It

When you travel internationally, your domestic SIM card will be removed and placed in international mode. This means that any phone calls or texts made while abroad could potentially result in expensive roaming charges if the person on the other end doesn't have coverage where they are located at their destination!


The best way around these fees is by completely removing all data services before boarding so there's no chance whatsoever of accidentally using them when away from home- but what do we usually do? Forget our wallets full of backup cards somewhere along the route ;)


An eSIM is like a digital wallet for your phone. You can store it on the device and use it to purchase goods or services anytime, anywhere! With an easy download from our marketplace of pre-activated SIM cards - you’ll always have access to all of those awesome offers without having another card in hand before heading out the door (or even taking off!).

  1. There is No Need for a Contract.

It may be a thing of the past, but two-year cell service contracts were once common. Providers love locking people into long term agreements and never mind that it is simply inconvenient for their customers– especially when you travel often or need just one more month before your contract expires.

In addition to being annoying at times like these where there are only certain data options available from providers because they have been hiding favorable prices behind yearlong deals!

Airhubapp's eSIM is a great option for travelers who need only the data they will use during their trip. You can choose between three, seven or thirty-day plans with flexible options to mix and match according to your travel itinerary! If you stay longer than expected in one place Airhubapp also offers easy access top ups so that all is available when it matters most. 

  1. It's Completely Safe.

The global eSIM data plan is a secure alternative to traditional SIM cards. Unlike the embedded chip, it can easily be removed in case of hacking and replaced with another one without having any effect on your phone’s functionality or data encryption keys-which means you'll still have access all through if something goes wrong!

In addition this new technology has been recognized as providing the same level of security as other types. For example, the GSM Association says “That’s why we see absolutely no reason at all not to use them". Yet some people doubt their efficiency claiming they're much harder to crack than ones sold before, therefore steering clear might give better results when things get serious .

In a world where your phone is the only way to access information and make payments, it's important that you protect yourself from losing this valuable asset. Embedding an eSIM onto your device not only protects against theft but also makes tracking easier for law enforcement in case something happens with one of their own devices!

5.    Keep Your Existing Phone Number

Keeping your phone number is one benefit of an eSIM that frequent travelers love the most. With an NFC enabled device, you can seamlessly switch back and forth between two different types of SIM cards easily—even when in a foreign country where there's no telephone service available for data purposes only (like Europe).

This means callers will be able to reach their loved ones without having any trouble getting through since they're calling over LTE networks which don't require voice extension services like international calls do!

Finally, you don’t have to worry about updating everyone on your new phone number every six months. With an eSIM card and the right network plan for staying connected – both at home or abroad- it will be like never changing numbers again!

Are you ready to connect with your friends and family? With the Airhubapp, you can go anywhere.

The virtual eSIM data plan is a convenient, flexible option for frequent travelers. With an app on your phone and the correct SIM-card in their corresponding slot, you can use it to make calls back home as well as access all of those online services that don't work overseas - including texting!

You'll save time fiddling with hardware by accessing these features from wherever there's WiFi because this small electronic chip doesn’t.

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