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This is your go-to guide to using an Airhub eSIM

I know that as a traveler or someone who wants to avoid outrageous data charges, you're probably wondering why we even offer our virtual eSIM data plan. Nobody likes paying more for something they can't use wherever and when it matters most! It's not fun either if all your phone does is connect but doesn’t let any information stream through - what good are those minutes/GBs then? But now there'll be no limits on how much coverage an individual needs: one eSIM data plan card equals many devices with different capabilities (e.g., voice & texting).

Airhub eSIM’s innovative data plan gives you the freedom to roam without fear of dropped calls. This new way for carriers and Telcos around the world, to deliver coverage where it matters most! We work with local providers so that your phone works seamlessly anywhere in their network zone while maintaining continuous connection throughout each day - all at an affordable price point even big companies can't match.

How to use Airhub eSIM

We offer more than just data for your travels. We know data is great but what about staying connected while traveling internationally with these best eSIM plans by Airhub - We have a prepaid eSIM plan that will suit you, no matter where or how long you'll be away! Choose from over 130 different countries on our website today at Airhub.

Let’s take you to the very short and most easiest process to start using our eSIM:

Our global eSIM data plans are the best way to stay connected with your friends, family, and business while traveling abroad. Explore our wide variety of best eSIM plans and find out what's right for you!

To protect your payment we use an online service with the highest level of certified security. All major credit and debit cards can be accepted, so you don't have to worry about anyone hacking into the system while you’re trying to make payments.


Once your data plan purchase is complete, you will receive a confirmation email with a QR code for your eSIM profile installation. Simply scan the QR code and add the Cellular Plan to your phone.

Now that you've set up Stork Mobile eSIM, it's time to connect. Make sure the phone is connected with a cellular data plan and turn on Data Roaming for more information about how!