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The World Games 2022

The World Games 2022 will be the eleventh edition of the international multi-sport event, which is intended for sports, disciplines, or events within a sport that are not contested in the Olympic Games. Because of the postponing of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, the World Games 2022 will take place from July 7 to 17, 2022 in Birmingham, Alabama, United States of America. Check esim data plans on The International World Games Association chose Birmingham as the host city on January 22, 2015, and the Games will include 30 official sports in 54 disciplines contested at 30 sites in the Birmingham area.

The World Games are an international multi-sport event comprising sports and sporting disciplines that are not contested in the Olympic Games. They are normally held every four years, one year after the Summer Olympic Games, and last for 11 days. They are usually held in the summer. Governed by the International World Games Association, which is under the aegis of the International Olympic Committee, the World Games are held every four years in a different country.

Sports and sporting disciplines that are not competed in in the Olympic Games are represented at the World Games, which are international multi-sport competitions. These 11-day competitions are conducted every four years, one year after the Summer Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, and are usually held in August. The International World Games Association, which operates under the auspices of the International Olympic Committee, governs the World Games and oversees the competition.

Because the World Games are not a multi-sport event like other multi-sport events such as the Olympic Games, the host cities of the Games are not required to build additional venues or facilities to accommodate the athletes. In contrast to National Olympic Committees or national governing bodies, the competitors are chosen by the international federations of the sports involved. In most disciplines, qualification is determined by achieving the highest possible ranking at the World Championships or by competing in a qualification tournament. Athletes from the highest tiers of their respective sports will be invited to compete at the Games.

The official name of the competition is "The World Games," which is spelled with a capital T.

World Games were originally held in Santa Clara, California, USA, in 1981, and the next edition, which will be held from 7–17 July 2022 in Birmingham, Alabama, USA, has been postponed one year owing to the COVID-19 epidemic. The World Games are organized by the International Olympic Committee (IOC).

The World Games organizers are not required to construct any new venues or amenities in order to ensure that the Games remain financially sustainable. For example, the sport climbing, breakdancing, parkour, and beach handball competitions in Birmingham 2022 will be held at the Sloss Furnaces, a former pig iron-producing blast furnace that is currently used for public recreation. Student rooms at the University of Alabama at Birmingham will be used for athletes' lodging while several of the university's sports facilities will be utilized for various events.

Some of the previous locations included the Lahti City Theatre (bodybuilding), Landschaftspark Nord (a former iron factory in Duisburg), Wroclaw Zoo, and Wroclaw's Philharmonic Hall, which was also used as the National Forum of Music.