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How to activate an eSIM subscription on a Samsung smartwatch.

Did you know that your Samsung Smartwatch can connect to the internet or make phone calls on its own?

eSIM is a groundbreaking new technology...

The word "eSIM" refers to an embedded SIM card.

The embedded SIM is a little chip built inside your eSIM compatible gadget that stores data.Then a "SIM profile" is loaded onto it through a QR code. Then, just like a physical SIM, you may load many profiles and manage them via the device's application.

See the video below. This video shows how to manage cellular subscriptions on a Samsung Galaxy Watch3 with an eSIM (embedded SIM or eUICC) (LTE version).

To activate your eSIM, simply launch the Smart watch app (like Galaxy Wearable) on your phone, couple your phone and smart watch over Bluetooth, and scan the QR code included with your eSIM purchase. Auto-connectivity for your smart watch

Here is the video:

How to attach a Samsung Gear S3 eSIM: Activation Guide

Other eSIM instructions: instructions for Samsung smart watches can be found online.

The benefits of eSIM are infinite.

  • Real-time delivery to your eSIM-enable.
  • Convert your phone to a dual-SIM
  • Local multi-carrier connections
  • Manage your privacy at work and at home.
  • Give mobile functionality to tiny devices like smart watches and

Many more compatible models are being released every day, so check out the list at

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  Author - David Garrood

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