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Security Vulnerabilities and Hacking: The Dangers of Using a Physical SIM Card

Thanks to hardware and software innovation, we've had some incredible new user experiences. There are simply too many to list, but the ability to use a credit card directly from your phone, access any and all information with the tap of a screen, and virtually limitless communication are all examples of how quickly technology is advancing. 

While we gain access to new technologies, we also increase our risk of data breaches and unwanted access to our equipment. 

Our laws are continually at odds with hackers and other identity theft specialists in this cat and mouse game. Malware, record protection, credit card numbers, and other types of personal information have all been high priorities for computer security. 

A breach and data leak can come immediately through our phone number, which is something we should be aware of. Far too much sensitive information is sent directly through our mobile devices, and it's something we should be conscious of.

What is SIM-Jacking and how does it work?