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Everything You Need to Know About eSIM in Italy

Let's look at what you can do to get an eSIM in Italy.

Since 1840, Italy, a country with a lot of different things to see and do, has been a popular tourist spot. From art to religion, history to food, romance to beaches, skiing to cities, wine to language, Italy is a place with a lot to see and do. Travelers are drawn to it because it has everything they want from a vacation.

Italy is an attractive place to visit because it has great scenery, culture, and beauty. Most of its major carriers also support eSIMs, which adds to its appeal as a place to visit. In other words, getting a line to use in Italy is very easy. All you have to do is scan a QR code.


You can stay in touch while travelling if you buy an eSIM for Italy online.

eSIMs are easy to get and set up because you don't have to physically swap cards with your phone provider. They also let you keep using a physical SIM, like your local line, at the same time! eSIMs for travel are especially helpful because you can get them almost right before you leave. They are great for travellers, especially those who travel often, because they eliminate the need to buy separate SIM cards. You can also easily switch devices by using online services to register your new device with your cellular network provider.


Local Carriers: How to Get an eSIM Card in Italy

The TIM TIM logo in Italy is a choice for eSIM.

Telecom Italia owns TIM, which is the largest phone company in the country. The whole country is covered by 2G. 97 percent of the population is also covered by 3G, and 94 percent of the population is covered by 4G/LTE, which is available in 6,300 municipalities.


In the summer of 2019, 5G was introduced in a few cities in Italy. It will be improved with the help of Vodafone. It comes with the Advance 5G and 5G Top plans (auto-pay is required) and costs 10 € more with any 4G offer (just ask for the "5G On" option to get it).


For Visitors

For tourists, TIM sells a SIM card called TIM Tourist for €20 (+€10 for the SIM, which comes with a €1 credit), which includes 200 minutes of talk time, 15 GB of data in Italy, and up to 6 GB of data in the EU. All of this costs €1 per month.


The plan works for both calls within the U.S. and calls to about 65 countries outside the U.S. Data works on 3G/4G, and if the limit is reached, the speed will be slowed down to 32 Kbps. No upsize or extensions are possible.


Getting past problems

Some stores might not want to sell you this offer because it doesn't give them much in return. Just be polite and firm! You can give them a printout of the offer or tell them to call their Head Office. People who tried to get this official offer by going to more than one TIM store ran into problems, but it is still possible to get it.

This service provider lets you use an eSIM in Italy.


Check out their prices and coverage in your area (in EUR)




Windtre (W3) is a company that just merged. It was founded in 2017 and now has 27 million mobile customers. In 2018, Hutchison, which used to own Tre, bought out Veon and took over the rest of the company (the former owner of Wind). Both brands were sold separately at first.

Over time, the new network got a few more points in network tests and caught up to TIM and Vodafone. Umlaut and OpenSignal found in 2020 that W3's 4G coverage is the same as that of the other two networks, and that their average speeds are even a little bit faster, at 28.6 Mbit/s.

Since March 16, 2020, the new brand and logo W3 have been in use, and the two brands' businesses have now merged.


For Visitors

WindTre has made these offers for people who are not Italian citizens and have a passport or ID from outside the country:

Giga International: For one month, it costs €9.99, which includes 40GB of data (the EU limit is 4.7GB). The activation fee is €5 and the SIM card costs €9, so the total cost for the first month is €24 and for each month after that it is €10. This offer is only for people who are not from the United States. You can turn it on by sending the message "GIGA INTERNATIONAL SI" to the number 4033. Since it automatically renews after a month, you could cancel your plan by sending a text message to the same number that says "GIGA INTERNATIONAL NO." You could also text "SALDO" to 4155 to find out how much data you have left. If you use up all of your data, you can get more by texting "INTERNET RESTART SI" to 4033. Everything is very easy to do!

In Italy, this carrier works with eSIM.


Check out their prices and coverage in your area (in EUR )




Vodafone is Italy's second largest network, and tests show that its 4G/5G speeds and coverage are better than TIM's. In 2019, 4G/LTE was available to 98 percent of the people in Italy, and most of their prepaid plans include it.

A few cities in Italy got 5G in the summer of 2019, and it's included in prepaid plans at no extra cost (on most plans). In the years to come, it will be sent out with the help of TIM.


Plans for foreigners

Vodafone has a special plan for people who are not Italian citizens but live outside of Italy. It's called C'all Global Max and includes 300 minutes of calls from Italy to about 50 countries, 500 minutes of calls within Italy, and 50 GB of data (or 70 GB if you can link it to a credit card or bank account, with roaming data throughout the EU maxing out at 5.6 GB). For this plan, you would pay €11.99 per month plus €3 to activate it the first time. It comes with the Vodafone Pass Web Voce, which gives you free chat and messaging apps, VoIP calls, 300 minutes to use in other countries, and landline phone numbers in Australia, Brazil, Israel, and Morocco.


For visitors

In terms of tourist plans, Vodafone only offers Dolce Vita to foreign tourists for 24.99 € per month. It comes with 30 GB of data in Italy (15 GB in the EU), 600 minutes of calls within Italy and to many countries outside of Italy, and their Social, Chat, and Map Passes, which have apps that don't cost extra. This plan doesn't cost anything to start up!

Note that the terms of both of these offers say that you need a "foreign tax ID" (even for the tourist offer!). Check yours by following the steps at the beginning of the wiki, and have it ready just in case.


In Italy, this carrier works with eSIM.


Check out their prices and coverage in your area (in EUR)


Why should you buy an eSIM if you're going to Italy?

Internet access is a must for modern travellers. Staying online is important if you want to find things to do, translate from the local language, or talk to your friends and family back home. The eSIM is the most recent and easiest way to do this. The best data plans for eSIM in Italy

The embedded SIM, or eSIM, is a virtual SIM card that lets you use the internet and call people. Only a few phones can use eSIM technology right now, but experts think it will be the future of mobile technology.

Still, how does the eSIM work? You can connect to the internet by scanning a QR code and turning on your data plan. There are no long forms to fill out, contracts to sign, or complicated installation steps to follow. The best data plans for an eSIM in Italy

After you buy an eSIM for Italy, it will show up in your inbox in a few seconds. You can then connect from anywhere in the world. This makes it more convenient than a regular SIM because you don't have to wait for your card to arrive. The whole process can be done in just a few minutes.

Connecting to the internet while travelling is now easier than ever. Check to see if this cutting-edge technology works with your phone.

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