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Enjoy Taiwan Lantern Festival with Airhub Esim When is the Lantern Festival

The 15th of the first lunar month is this holiday. 

First night after Lunar New Year with a full moon symbolises the end of new year festivities.

Thousands of colourful lanterns should be set out for people to enjoy at the start of a new year, according to Chinese tradition. 

People will try to answer the puzzles on the lanterns, eat rice balls, and celebrate with their relatives.

What exactly is an eSIM

However, so-called eSIMs are intended to replace old-style physical SIMs (the 'e' stands for embedded, in case you were wondering). 


An eSIM is a tiny chip integrated in your smartphone rather than a removable plastic card inside your phone. You can't take it out and put it in another phone. 

The data on an eSIM can be written to. This means you can switch networks without having to remove your SIM card and enter a new one. 

It'll probably be a long time before eSIMs totally replace plastic SIMs. eSIMs are more typically utilised as the second SIM in a dual-SIM handset at the time.

How is Esim helpful in Taiwan?