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Customers of Airhub Use eSIMs in 5 Different Ways

While each person's eSIM journey will be unique, we've discovered that these five methods of using eSIM are pretty common among our consumers.

The five most typical ways Airhub customers use their eSIMs are listed below.

1) At home Internet (replacement)

While the majority of our users download data packs for travel, others have told us that they will use an Airhub data pack on the go in their own nation.

We've heard of users who've gone within the same city or country and maintained their workflow straight on their phone or connected data to a laptop using their eSIM compatible phone.

While utilizing an Airhub data package at home, these consumers' interests have typically been described as a combination of lifestyle and work-life.

These users are typically located in nations with limited access to local data, wi-fi, and network options. It makes perfect sense for them to have reloadable data on their phone.

2) Working from home (Digital Nomads)

The term "digital nomad" refers to those who enjoy traveling and working wherever the wind takes them. They'll wake up in Italy one week, Turkey the next, and Singapore the following month.

While their travel patterns may not be as extreme, they do have an occupation that permits them to work on short-term contracts or completely remotely from anywhere in the world. Digital nomads usually work in the tech, entertainment, tourism, or entrepreneurial fields and travel with only a laptop, phone, and backpack.

They may call any location home, and they take advantage of downloadable and flexible eSIM plans in whatever country they visit.

3) Seafarers and Seamen, people that work at sea.

It might be exhausting to go from port to port, particularly if you need to refresh your data plan after arriving in a new country.

Seafarers and Seamen were the driving force behind Airhub's development.

Seafarers were the foundation of our user base, and they've been among our most powerful users ever since.

It's encouraging to learn that this previous data connectivity issue has been addressed in a meaningful way, as mariners and seamen are prime examples of customers who don't have time to go out and find a SIM provider when they arrive.

4) Going on a Vacation

Those who enjoy travelling for pleasure make up the fourth-largest category of eSIM users. Many people tell us about their first eSIM experience while travelling to a new country.

These users have a lot of faith in us since they believe their data bundle will work once it arrives. We're always delighted to learn about the times we've made a journey safer for travellers.

Typically, vacationers would reload their eSIMs numerous times throughout their trip. When visiting many countries over the course of several weeks, travellers frequently choose larger regional or global plans.