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Africa, Asia-Pacific, Global, and Europe eSIM Packs from Airhub – Which Is Right for You?

Imagine going to more than one country in the same area. What if you could use a single SIM card to get to all of them? But you could download a plan straight to your phone instead of buying a card. Well, you can!

With Airhub's eSIMs, you are now in the future of regional data plans.

What are eSIM packs for a region?

Four regional travel packages are available from Airhub:

Africa (Africa)

Asia-pacific (Asia)



Each of these regional plans lets you stay connected in more than one country, which is good for travellers. You could use the Europe plan on your way from Germany to France, and when you get there, the same data pack would keep you up to date.

When you have fast data at your fingertips, it's much easier to make plans for your area. For instance, this could let you:

Find out what services are linked to the airport and are close by. Find out about how transportation works in the area. Find out about maps of the area. Talk to your family and friends and post on social media. Get in touch with people and events in your area.

Order a ride-sharing service, book a hotel, and finish your work.

What do eSIMs mean?

"eSIM" stands for "embedded subscriber identity module." Instead of swapping a physical SIM card, you can now download data plans directly to the chip inside your phone. It saves a lot of time and money because you don't have to pay those annoying roaming fees.

You can check our page on eSIM-compatible devices to learn if your phone is compatible.

What kinds of data are in the regional data packages?

Each set of regional data will work a little bit differently. Today, we're going to go over the countries that each package covers, the different sizes of packages, how to add more data, and any other rules.

Some important things to remember about these words:

Data: Shows how many gigabytes are on the card as a whole (e.g., 1GB, 3GB, 5GB)

Validity Period: How long the pack is good for (e.g., one week, two weeks, four weeks)

Type of Plan: If the plan is just for data or has calling credit (Most Airhub plans are data only)

Activation Policy: Tells you when the package will start working.

eKYC checks, which stand for "electronically know your customer," require you to show proof of travel before you can download your plan.

Top-up Option: Shows whether or not the package can be added to.

Plan Type: Only Data

Policy for Activation: The validity period begins when the eSIM connects to a network that supports it.

eKYC: Not required

Key differences, similarities, and things to remember

Let's talk about what's different and what's the same about each regional package so you know how they work.

The Europe plan includes 39 countries, the Hello Africa plan includes 27, the global plan includes 22, and the Asia-pacific plan includes 12. The number of countries included in each regional package shows how far apart the areas are.

Please note that the total number of countries covered is subject to change and that these numbers are correct as of June 2022.

Plans and their sizes

The Europe plan has the most options, with six different plans that range from one week to three months. Hello Africa has two plans that range from 1GB to 3GB of data per month. Asia-pacific has one 12-day plan with unlimited data. Island Hopper has a 1GB plan for 7 days.

With the Asia-pacfic plan, keep in mind that the speed of your data will slow down after you use 4GB.

Type of Plan

All regional plans are only for data, so you can't use them to make calls or send texts, but you can use them to get online data.

Policy on Activation

Once you connect to a supported network in the region, all regional plans will start working.

eKYC requirements

To use any of the regional plans, you do not need to show travel documents.

Options to add on

You can add more to Hello Africa, Asia-pacific, and Europe. You can't add more to the global pack.

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