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eSIMs: 5 Things You Didn't Know Before

When it comes to eSIMs, there's a lot you don't know! Five facts you may not know about how eSIMs work, operate and function in your phone will be discussed here today.

To begin with:


What is an eSIM, and how does it work?

As the name implies, this is an 'in-phone sim card.' As opposed to a physical sim card, eSIM technology enables you to download and connect to a mobile network directly from your phone's embedded chip.

A data plan can be downloaded and turned off when travelling while using an eSIM!

Benefits like these include:

A data plan can be downloaded and activated within minutes.

Use your primary phone number to make and receive calls and texts while using your eSIM for data and the internet.

By not having to purchase daily roaming plans, you can save money.

The ability to switch between local, regional and international data plans.

Save time by not looking for a sim card seller while you're on the road.

In order to ensure that your phone is compatible with eSIM, please make certain that

1) your phone is unlocked.

2) You can use an eSIM card on your device.


Please see our comprehensive list for a complete listing of eSIM-compatible phones and gadgets.

An eSIM may be purchased using Apple and Google Pay through the AirhubApp (a fun fact).

Our list has been updated to reflect your newfound knowledge of the eSIM solution.


1) Reinstalling an eSIM isn't always necessary? You have the option of adding more!

Did you know that the Airhubapp allows you to top up most eSIMs? Exactly! The Airhub app is all you need to do:

Then select 'My eSIMs.' You can see this information by tapping on 'Current eSIMs'. Look for the "Top Up" button on the eSIM bundle you've downloaded.

For countries/regions where the "Top Up" button does not appear on your eSIM, you must remove the current eSIM and download a new eSIM.

Here's how to uninstall eSIM.

It is possible to select an eSIM from the list of available alternatives if you have a "Top Up" button on your eSIM device (E.g., 1GB, 3GB, 5GB, etc.).


2) Is Airhub able to give limitless bandwidth eSIM to some customers?

Using an Airhub eSIM, you'll have unlimited data access when connected to your phone.

This is how it works:

In addition to preloaded data, each eSIM has a validity period that expires with it. The card expires at the end of the game.

As long as your data card is still active, you have no restrictions on how much data you can use. You simply need to track when you activated the card, not how much data you're consuming if your card is suitable for a week.

Listed here are two of our most popular, limitless gift cards:

Regional eSIM of Asia Unicom

Dtac Unlimited eSIM Thailand

Please make a point to see them today!



3) Is eKYC required in some countries?

With over 190 areas and countries covered by Airhub, each region has its own set of expectations and needs. Some countries demand a visa, background checks, and health permits for eSIMs - the same is true.

You may be required to complete an eKYC assessment prior to receiving some eSIMs if you're heading to a country that does background checks. Your passport and other travel documents will need to be verified in the app before downloading your eSIM. eKYC stands for "electronically know your customer."

The following statement may appear before you may download an eSIM and connect to a new network: " "In order to acquire an eSIM, you must first verify your identity. Please submit your papers to begin the process of verifying your identification."

To proceed, click 'Verify Your Identity.'

Check if your eSIM has an eKYC need before your trip to see if the process can take a few days to complete.


4) How many ways are there to set up an Airhub eSIM? A QR code can be scanned in three different ways: manually, directly, and via the internet.

When it comes to downloading a data pack to an integrated SIM card, it may appear difficult, but it's actually rather simple.

Installing an eSIM via the Airhub shop is the simplest method. 'Direct installation' is an option once you've acquired your eSIM. Autocomplete will fill up a large portion of the manual data fields.

Direct eSIM installation instructions are here.

The QR-Code approach can also be used to install an eSIM. After scanning a QR-Code using your phone's camera, you can begin downloading and installing the eSIM on your phone.

The manual installation of your eSIM is the final alternative. You will need to fill out every single field in order to activate your eSIM manually, unlike the QR-Code and direct methods.

We've put together a step-by-step guide on manually installing an eSIM.



5) Multiple eSIM profiles can be deployed simultaneously, depending on your phone.

You don't have to worry about how many sim cards you need to store in your phone when you go digital.

Dual-sim dual standby (DSDS) allows you to store multiple eSIM profiles simultaneously on your phone. You don't have to remove your existing eSIM profile from your phone to use a digital eSIM for Germany, Ghana, or Singapore if there are no chip restrictions.


Use the Airhub app because

There are various benefits to utilising eSIM, and this could be your cue to make the transition right away! When you use preloaded data, you save costly roaming expenses, and you save a lot of time by downloading it immediately to your phone

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